Creating CMA Reports

Learn how you can easily create AND PERSONALIZE the most beautiful CMA reports (that will blow your clients away) IN MINUTES! 
Adding Subject Property Info in TopCMA
Learn how to add subject property information if the listing has not been on the MLS previously.
How do I choose comparable listings for my CMA?
Learn how filters used in the search will effect which comparables are chosen for the report.
How do I manually add/remove listings from my CMA?
Find out how to manually add or remove comparables by using their MLS number.
How do I use the Market Valuation option?
TopCMA Market Value uses the comparable listings to give a range that can be customized by the agent.
How do I make adjustments on TopCMA?
TopCMA Adjustments are simple to use and track all adjustments making it easier to show clients just how comparable properties are.
Prioritizing Listings on TopCMA
Learn how to prioritize listings so your clients can easily compare them to the subject property.
Excluding Listings from TopCMA Reports
Find out to exclude listings without having to delete an MLS number.
What if my Subject Property information is blank or wrong?
Manually inputting Subject Property information is useful when the information in that section has changed, is not correct, or is blank.
TopCMA! Full Demo
Find out how to prepare a complete TopCMA using a map based search.