Top CMA Article | Creating A PDF

Top CMA - The best solution available o help you win listing presentations!

Do you want your printed copy of Top CMA to look just as professional as your interactive web-based CMA report?

Have an expert design your CMA PDF just for you!

5 tips for building your own!

  1. Minimize the saturation of your colors as much as possible!
  2. Choose colors that blend nicely together! See whats trending!
  3. Compare your colors together before previewing your CMA report! You can do this here!
  4. View our samples for ideas! View Samples Here!
  5. Be patient! No matter what your matching, it always takes time to find that perfect match! Talk to a brand expert or have one of our experts come up with a design for you first. It might give you some ideas!

Why use Top CMA for your listing presentation?

Not only will Top CMA create a fully interactive web-based report that you can share with your clients 100% online, our PDF renderer uses our own proprietary design library to help you deliver your listing presentation in the most beautiful format!
Do you like one of our preset option? All the preset options are available right in Top CMA! Check out this video to learn how you can apply your preset to your CMA report!

Speak with an expert!

Are you enjoying the preset options but you want to design something completely different? Book a VIP 1 ON 1 DEMO with one of our marketing specialists and they'll help you create your very own PDF design! Enter your next listing presentation with confidence!

Okay you found a preset BUT...

In the PDF settings dialogue, you can type the brand/color of the theme that you like, and a few options and variants of that particular color/ brand will appear!
Don't see the brand you're looking for?
Click on your logo or avatar to choose your office branding. The PDF branding options are based on that selection.
Help! My logo is blank! Ahh!
Our PDF render will automatically highlight your logo on dark backgrounds! Make sure your logo has a transparent/ alpha layer behind it!